• Glaucoma is progressive disease which causes permanent damages to
    • Papilla
    • Optic nerve
    • Optic field
  • Main risk factors of glaucoma
    • Increased IOP (= intra-ocular pressure)
    • Age
    • Family history of glaucoma
    • Exfoliation Syndrome
    • Myopia
  • Target of Glaucoma treatment
    • To prevent eye sight damage and blindness 
  • So far the only treatment method is to lower IOP
  • Can gradually steal sight without any warning or symptoms
  • Incurable disease which can cause blindness if untreated
    • Blindness is ranked 3rd (after cancer + heart disease) as people's major fear
    • Glaucoma causes 9 - 12 % of all blindness
  • Early detection is vital to stop the progress of the disease, but vision lost cannot be regained
  • Most important, and only method to screen masses of population is rapid IOP measuring

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